About us

We are a team of dedicated designers, hardcore developers and business wizards delivering powerful projects from the Nordic tech powerhouse, Estonia and London’s Silicon Roundabout.

We develop world-changing ideas.

With passion. For impact.

Our team lives and breathes tech 7 days a week.

Product development focus

We focus on building beautiful and user-friendly web and mobile products. With ten years of IT industry experience from both global corporations and startups, we deliver products at remarkable speed with the best tools and methods required.

Traditional industries

Our experience within forestry, energy, entertainment, flower wholesale and more allows us to effectively deliver innovative and user-friendly products to other traditional industries which have not yet been touched by today's mobile and web technologies.

Always on the cutting edge

Our team of experts are well versed on the speed of innovation. We constantly keep track of the latest developments and trends in the global tech industry, including areas such as big data, machine learning, biotechnology, materials, and more.

Meet the team.

Our team has formed over the years to solidify offerings in strength, enthusiasm and dedication.


Ivar Merilo

Partner / Strategic Projects

E-mail: ivar@thorgate.eu Tel: +372 5808 1132

Karl Õkva

Partner / CBDO & Head of Quality

E-mail: karl@thorgate.eu Tel: +372 5569 8016

Grete Kungla

Chief Culture Officer

E-mail: grete@thorgate.eu Tel: +372 5628 0032

Jürno Ader

Partner / Tech Lead

E-mail: jyrno@thorgate.eu

Miguel Chaparro

Tech Lead / Partner

E-mail: miguel@thorgate.eu

Anton Alekseev

Tech Lead / Partner

E-mail: anton@thorgate.eu

Johan Viirok, PhD

Tech Lead / Partner

E-mail: johan@thorgate.eu

Evelin Mutli

Project Manager

E-mail: evelin@thorgate.eu

Sergey Kovalskiy

Developer / Partner

E-mail: sergey@thorgate.eu

Jörgen Ader

Developer / Partner

E-mail: jorgen@thorgate.eu

Kert Kaspar Tammaru

Waybiller Country Manager

E-mail: kertkaspar@thorgate.eu Tel: +372 5397 0000

Kreete Mi Rand

Waybiller Community Manager

E-mail: kreete@thorgate.eu

Tonis Piip


E-mail: tonis@thorgate.eu

Külli Kerem

Waybiller Customer Success Manager

E-mail: kylli@thorgate.eu

Dmitri Mussorin


E-mail: dmitri@thorgate.eu

Timofey Kolotov


E-mail: timofey@thorgate.eu

Alar Suu


E-mail: alar@thorgate.eu

Omar Purik


E-mail: omar@thorgate.eu

Almaz Kydyrmin


E-mail: almaz@thorgate.eu

Teele-Riin Raja

HR assistant

E-mail: teele@thorgate.eu

Passion in everything

We don’t only work passionately, but we play passionately too.

We are family

We organise fun activities to improve working relationships. We get active through paintballing, karting and ice-skating. We compete in bowling competitions and never fail to celebrate by holding office parties.

Summer and winter days

In the summer and winter we specifically dedicate whole days to holding fun events with our partner companies.

Our partners

We don't call them clients. To us, they are partners.