MHV & Thorgate's partnership birthed an innovative digital platform revolutionising electricity services, transforming customer experience.

MHV Elektikontroll is a company that performs measurements and works on electrical installations, technical inspections, lighting measurement services, and certifications for individuals in the electrical field. MHV's long-term partnership with Thorgate has developed an innovative digital platform that has significantly changed how electricity services are delivered and the customer experience.

Transforming Operations

MHV and Thorgate started working together in 2014 when they jointly developed a comprehensive digital system that includes user management, certification processes, exam management, document handling and reporting systems. As a result of the cooperation, the internal and external processes of the MHV company have been significantly optimised, leading to heightened customer satisfaction levels.

At the outset of the collaboration, MHV's primary goals were to modernise its services to align with contemporary customer expectations and minimise manual tasks. To achieve this goal, they recognised the need for an integrated system capable of managing orders, conducting audits on electrical installations, performing measurements, issuing certificates, facilitating training, and managing related documentation. Furthermore, the aim was to automate processes, enhance service delivery, and optimise the user experience for staff and clients.

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Thorgate's Tailored Digital Solution for MHV

Thorgate has developed a tailored digital solution for MHV, which includes a user management system, a certification and exam platform, a document management system, reporting and survey tools, and technical review and training modules. These components are seamlessly integrated, providing secure access to different system parts and ensuring a smooth user experience. The user management system allows for efficient user roles and permissions management, while the certification and exam platform automates the certification process, reducing manual work. The document management system ensures easy access to essential documents, and the reporting and survey tools provide valuable insights for decision-making. The technical review and training modules facilitate continuous learning and improvement.

After several years of using the system, the automated processes have significantly reduced manual work, thereby increasing the company's efficiency. The integrated systems provide a seamless experience for both customers and employees, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement. Moreover, MHV can now offer a full range of services through a single digital platform, enhancing its market position. The availability of data-driven reports and studies empowers the company to make informed decisions and plan more strategically for the future. This innovative approach, which sets MHV apart from other companies in the field, has earned them national recognition from the Estonian Accreditation Center (EAK).

Commitment to Digital Excellence

The success story of MHV Elektrikontroll and Thorgate clearly shows how digital innovation can change how a company works and the customer experience. Thanks to long-term cooperation and dedication, we have created a solution that fully meets MHV's needs and offers a broad spectrum of digital and efficient services. Thorgate and MHV Elektikontroll remain focused on delivering excellence, working together to improve the existing digital platform, ensuring compliance, and exceeding customer expectations.

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Karl Õkva

CBDO / Key Account Manager